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ASTRO-E was launched at 10:30 AM February 10, 2000 (Japan Standard Time). Unfortunately, it did not achieve orbit. 42 seconds into the flight, the first stage nozzle failed, causing a loss of thrust and near complete loss of attitude control. The second and third stages worked properly, but were not able to make up the loss of altitude from the first stage. The satellite was not contacted on the first orbit, and is assumed to have reentered and burned up.

(4.1K JPEG)
On the pad, testing the sprinklers
(3.6K JPEG)
Ignition of SPGG
(3.5K JPEG)
(2.9K JPEG)
20 seconds in, and looking good
(2.3K JPEG)
(2.9K JPEG)
Corkscrew trail
(3.7K JPEG)
The launch tower after launch

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