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EUD's X-ray Astrophysics Lab

Supernova Remnants

Our SNR group studies the physics of supernova remnants and their interaction with the interstellar medium. We are also interested in the acceleration of cosmic rays by shock waves.

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Selected Research and Presented Papers

  • A Million-Second Chandra View of Cassiopeia A
    Hwang, U., Laming, J. M., et al.
    2004, ApJL, 615, L117

  • An X-ray Study of the Supernova Remnant G18.95-1.1
    By Harrus, I. M., Slane, P. O., Hughes, J. P., and Plucinsky, P. P. 2004
    Published in ApJ, 2004, 603, 152

  • Where was the Iron Synthesized in Cassiopeia A?
    Hwang, U., & Laming, J. M.
    2003, ApJ, 597, 362

  • On the Determination of Ejecta Structure and Explosion Asymmetry from the X-Ray Knots of Cassiopeia A
    Laming, J. M., & Hwang, U.
    2003, ApJ, 597, 437

  • Thermal and Nonthermal X-Ray Emission from the Forward Shock in Tycho's Supernova Remnant
    Hwang, U., Decourchelle, A., Holt, S. S., & Petre, R.
    2002, ApJ, 581, 1101

  • The X-Ray Spectrum of Supernova Remnant 1987A
    Michael, E., Zhekov, S., McCray, R., Hwang, U., Burrows, D. N., Park, S., Garmire, G., Holt, S. S., & Hasinger, G.
    2002, ApJ, 574, 166

  • The Intriguing Plerionic Supernova Remnant: G21.5-0.9
    By Safi-Harb, S., Harrus, I. M., Petre, R., Pavlov, G. G.,Koptsevich, A. B., and Sanwal, D. 2001
    Published in ApJ, 2001, 561, 308

  • A New ASCA and ROSAT Study of the Supernova Remnant: G272.2-3.2
    By Harrus, I. M., Slane,. P. O., Smith, R. & Hughes J. P. 2001
    Published in ApJ, 2001, 552, 614

  • An ASCA study of the Supernova remnant G39.2-0.3
    By Harrus, I. M. & Slane , P. O. November 1998
    Published in ApJ, 1999, 516, 811

  • An ASCA X-ray Observation of 1E1724-3045 in the globular cluster Terzan 2
    By Barret, D., Grindlay, J. E., Harrus, I. M. & Olive, J. F. October 1998
    Published in A & A, 1999, 341, 789

  • Study of the Composite Supernova Remnant MSH 11-62
    by Harrus, I. M., Hughes, J. P. & Slane, P. O. May 1998.
    Published in ApJ, 1998, 499, 273

  • A Central Stellar Remnant in Puppis A
    Petre, R., Becker, C.M, & Winkler, P.F.
    (1996, ROSAT)
    Image & Text

  • Evidence for Shock Acceleration of High-Energy Electrons in the Supernova Remnant SN:1006
    Koyama, K.; Petre, R.; Gotthelf, E. V.; Hwang, U.; Matsuura, M.; Ozaki, M.; Holt, S. S.
    (1995, ASCA)
    Image & Text